ABSTRACT DIALOGUES: Finisaż wystawy „In between landscapes/Pomiędzy krajobrazami” [matronat]


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⭐️ This month has gone so fast and we are approaching the final evening of „In between landscapes” exhibition featuring American artist Joanna Pottle and Polish artist Julia Leś.

On Monday evening 24th of January, we invite you to our closing event: ABSTRACT DIALOGUES: In Conversation with Joanna Pottle + Julia Leś and Muzeum HERstorii Sztuki

Artist Talk Event in collaboration with Muzeum HERstorii Sztuki at Stakkato Art Space

🔵Come join us for a joint event to hear from US artist Joanna Pottle and Polish artist Julia Leś about their work and studio practice as part of a conclusive event of their exhibition at Stakkato Art Space as well as learn more about local women-led Kraków art initiative Muzeum HERstorii Sztuki and their upcoming Ariadna Zine, the January issue on Abstract Art.

The event will include individual artist talks provided by Joanna and Julia, and Q&A facilitated by the Muzeum HERstorii Sztuki’s curator Marta Grabowska. During the event, you will also learn more about the Muzeum HERstorii Sztuki initiative and learn the details of the magical and esoteric launch of the January issue of Ariadna Zine, packed with Abstract Art, from one of its founders Aśka Warchał- Beneschi.

🔵Muzeum HERstorii Sztuki is an initiative aiming to establish the first public institution in Poland championing women’s history and art; the museum will serve as a contemporary open salon, a meeting place with a conciliatory approach.

This is the concluding event for the “In between landscapes / Pomiędzy krajobrazami” exhibition at Stakkato Art Space so check it out before its too late!

🔵The exhibition entitled “In between landscapes / Pomiędzy krajobrazami” presents paintings that consider the meaning and interpretations of physical and cultural landscapes through large scale, abstract compositions.

🔵Through a transnational lens and collaboration, these two artists explore questions as to our human relationship with nature, the intangible and tangible intertwined together through painting.

The artists will also give us a further glimpse into their artistic and research processes by also showing some fragments of their sketchbooks. Join us for the exhibition opening to learn more and see their beautiful work!

About the artists

🇺🇸 Joanna Pottle is an American visual artist, researcher, educator, and curator. Her studio practice combines abstract mixed media techniques of painting, printmaking, drawing, and installations and her research includes investigations of collective memory and space, cultural heritage, philology, and more.

She is a graduate of James Madison University. She is a recent US Fulbright Student Researcher to Krakow (2019-2020) to execute artistic projects, curatorial work, and educational programming with the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts and MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art.

Learn more: https://www.joannapottle.com/
IN: https://www.instagram.com/joannapottle/

🇲🇨 Julia Leś is painter, illustrator and graphic designer who lives and works in Krakow. She studies painting at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.
She gains from the structures of nature and tries to find a unique shape of life-giving composition. She takes the creeper as a perfect symbol, composed in different shapes – it may be the symbol of life or a sign of death.

She wants the viewers to get confused if the shape still represents the world of plants or if it becomes something different like a galaxy or flesh.

Learn more: https://juliales.com/
IN: https://www.instagram.com/julialesartist/

🍷 Enjoy wine and refreshments at the bar.

📆 When? Exhibition closing is on January 24, 8:30 pm
📍Where? Stakkato Art, ul. Ślusarska 9А